Humans also need training in order to be effective with their horses - we speak a very different language than they do! Edie has over 30 years of teaching experience in a variety of areas, in addition to over 50 years of experience with horses. She understands different human personalities and learning preferences, as well as different "horsenalities" - and incorporates them into her lessons.


Hillary recently joined Edie and specializes in being "all about the horse", as opposed to teaching humans. She is extremely sensitive to horse-psychology and meeting a horse exactly where it's at to further both confidence and ability.

Both Edie and Hillary are passionate about helping people become successful with their own horses and in that spirit - you need to be "along for the ride" in every way! 


Standard ​Lesson Rate: $70/1.5 hours (standard new-client lessons are 1.5 hours long). $50/hour, $40/second and subsequent hours, plus $.50/mile travel fee.

If you are committed to learning, I will be committed to you! It is not my intention to ride your horse for you, or to "train" your horse and give him back to you. In that spirit, I will help you and your horse learn to better understand EACH OTHER. In certain situations, my "assistant instructor" HotShot might help you and/or your horse get over a learning hump or gain confidence (at your barn or mine, or even on the trail).  Come play with us!


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