"Within the warmth of my horse's breath, 

I will find the air I need to live today.

I will find the wind to fly -

and within I will find . . . the one I am meant to be."

~ Roberta Engstrom

About Edie:

Edie Brogan has spent over 50 years loving, riding, and being owned by horses. Her lifetime obsession with all things equine led her to become an avid student of horse psychology and natural techniques as an adult. She is a retired police sergeant with 26 years of law enforcement experience, 25+ of which were spent as a mounted police officer and trainer in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. As the first certified mounted police instructor in the State of Wisconsin (1996), Edie has spent many years teaching and training  horses, officers, and civilians in both one-on-one lessons and in clinics and presentations. She has attended numerous mounted police training seminars Nation-wide and has lead many mounted police demonstrations at the Midwest Horse Fair. Her specialties are sensory, obstacle, and liberty training, as well as trail-training, with an emphasis on human leadership development through natural horsemanship techniques. Edie believes that God created horses to bring out the best in their humans and to that end, she is passionate about teaching horses AND people how to better communicate - to become better partners and leaders for each other. She is also a believer in beginning with very young  horses (at birth, if possible!) and  continuing with weanlings - through starting under saddle - as young equine minds are at their most formative time!  Edie lives at Hope Hill Farm with her husband and two sons. 

About Hillary:

Hillary Fredrickson was also born with a horse-obsession. Her early riding years were filled with exciting things like bucking, bolting, and spooking horses, as she learned "seat-of-the-pants" riding with a neighbor's horses, with no formal instruction. Her husband gifted her with her first horse when she was 18 and she began to look for help with his training. After a few years of working under a traditional western trainer, she realized that her relationship with her horses was missing something, so she once again went looking and began taking lessons with Edie in 2008. Edie immediately recognized Hillary's rare, innate horsemanship talent and after six years of working with her, began to ask Hillary to assist her with her training projects. Over the next four years, Edie and Hillary developed a safe, effective, team-system of starting young horses under saddle, rehabbing troubled horses, and getting horses out on the trail confidently and safely. In 2019, Edie asked Hillary to make it official and become her partner at Hope Hill Farm - changing the name of the business to Horses by Heart. 

Hillary brings youth, enthusiasm, incredible "feel", and a rare intuition regarding her communication with horses. Her recent accomplishments include becoming a certified equine sports massage therapist and she is currently in the process of becoming certified in Masterson Method bodywork. Future plans also include becoming a natural hoof practitioner. She is a voracious learner and her desire for continuous self-improvement translates into major benefits for any horse she touches. Hillary share Edie's love of trail-riding and visiting the Rocky Mountains. They try to do both regularly - and often together. 

Hillary feels that her life would be completely empty without horses. Her love for them and her desire to help them co-exist with humans in any way she can is what she wants to continue to do with her life. Her latest projects are two feral Nokota Horses that she adopted and plans to begin training in earnest - her first experience in training wild mustangs! 

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