Edie has been riding in Freeform Treeless saddles for over 15 years, after her quest for a saddle to fit her young Arabian X Percheron police horse HotShot reached epic proportions in 2003. She went through five saddles in an effort to find one that would make them both comfortable for long duty days and found the answer in a Freeform Classic. The Madison Mounted Police have also chosen Freeform for their current duty saddles. Edie has helped many of her clients solve their saddle-fitting issues with Freeform saddles and all of them have been thrilled with the results! She and HotShot went on to win the 2012-13 Wisconsin State ACTHA Open Championship title in their Freeform Classic (pictured here), after their retirement from police work. Edie continues to share the good news about Freeform wherever she goes – they just keep getting better, so she now owns four (including a Classic BTF, a Western Barrel and an Ultimate Trail). She believes that horses are the ultimate judges of saddle fit – and they all tell her they love Freeform Treeless Saddles. Edie would love to help you with your saddle-fitting concerns! 



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